CSE Department organizes ‘Take Off Programming Contest Spring 2019’ at Daffodil International University.

Author: Tahera Koly
Press Secretary, DIU CPC
Batch: 43, CSE, DIU

A partial view of the competition

Computer and Programming Club (DIU CPC) organized ‘Take Off Programming Contest Spring 2019’ on 29 March 2019 at DIU Dhanmondi Campus.

DIU Take Off Programming Contest is organized for the 1st and 2nd semester students so they can get a taste of competitive programming from the very beginning of their University life. The contest is arranged to create the best and skilled artisans in the field of programming and to provide a right idea of programming and to get inspired, motivated and encouraged to think about their future.


Faculty members and CPC Members are visiting ‘Take Off Programming Contest Spring 2019’ held at Daffodil International University organized by DIU CPC  Club of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department.

Mr. Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, Associate Professor (Adjunct), Department of CSE, DIU, and Dr. Sheak Rashed Haider Noori,Associate Professor and Associate  Head ,other Faculty members and CPC Members A.M. Zakir Hossain, President,Rifat Islam Robin, Vice President,Shafayet Raiyan Rupom, General Secretary and Tahera Koly Press Secretary of Computer and Programming Club were also present during the contest. A total of 300 participants took part in the competition of which 73 are the female programmer.


The Prize Giving Ceremony program was held from 4 pm at 71 milanayaton. Our honorable teachers delivered their speech and gave valuable advice to the contestants. Prizes and certificates were handed over to the Champions through our honorable teachers.


                       Champion with the trophy along with the Previous champions.

The top 10 winners of the competition are :

1.Sidratul Montaha

2.Rezwanul Karim

3.Safim MD Fahim

4.Rahat Islam Srijon

5.MD Fazle Rabby Islam

6.MD Abdullah Al Mahmud

7.Aysha Akmal

8.Md Tasluf Morshed

9.Riadh Hasan

10.Md Jobael Ahmed Nishad

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